Anniversary Etiquette

Wedding Anniversaries

Tradition tells us that each wedding anniversary should be celebrated by giving your loved one a gift made from a different material. Paper symbolizes the first year of marriage, but with each passing year, the gifts become more precious or more rare. This progression is meant to symbolize the growth in a couple’s relationship through the years.

The origins of the traditional list are not known, however some of the traditions are believed to date back to medieval times. Today, we accompany these traditions with a more modern list that not only offers greater variety, but in many cases, puts a higher value on earlier anniversaries. In addition, a list of jewelry and gemstone traditions offers recommendations for those who prefer to adorn their loved one with something truly precious each year.

Year Tradition Modern Jewelry/Gems
1st paper clocks gold jewelry
2nd cotton china garnet
3rd leather crystal/glass pearls
4th linen/silk appliances blue topaz
5th wood silverware sapphire
6th iron wood amethyst
7th wool/copper desk sets onyx
8th bronze linen/lace tourmaline
9th pottery/china leather lapis
10th tin/aluminum diamond jewelry diamonds
11th stell fashion jewelry turquoise
12th silk pearls jade
13th lace textiles/furs citrine
14th ivory gold jewelry opal
15th crystal watches ruby
20th china platinum peridot
25th silver sterling silver jubilee
30th pearl diamond pearl jubilee
35th coral jade emerald
40th ruby ruby ruby
45th sapphire sapphire sapphire
50th gold gold golden jubilee
55th emerald emerald alexandrite
60th diamond diamond diamond jubilee