Behind The Blue Awning – Happy Anniversary to Us!

This may seem like an April Fool’s joke, but it isn’t!

The Jewelry Shop has been in business 34 years as of April 1st. Our business has grown since 1983; with growth comes unique challenges.

The Jewelry Shop started with three owners-Tim, Tom, and Tom’s mom Nancy. Within a few years of startup, Nancy retired, leaving Tim and Tom on their own for the next several years. As the guys became more well-known and established, their numbers grew. There are currently eight of us – three owners and five staff, any of which can assist you with your purchases and repairs.

When TJS opened, we had one bench jeweler and one who learned the most basic of repairs. As the business has grown, so too has the need for more skilled goldsmiths/bench jewelers. We currently have three goldsmiths who work on custom jobs, repairs, and cleaning jewelry.

A little-known fact is that we not only do our own work for our customers but we also do wholesale jewelry repair for other jewelry stores in our area. At one time, we were performing wholesale jewelry repair for eight other stores! As the demand for custom design and repair has increased from our own retail customers, we have whittled that number down to just a few wholesale customers.

One of the changes we made to keep up with the demand for custom and repair work is we purchased Laser Welder, which enables the jewelers to perform intricate repair that just can’t be achieved with a traditional torch.

TJS growth also meant the store needed to be bigger – both the showroom and the repair shop. In 2000, the owners took the leap of faith to remodel the store to make it a more productive and polished space.

Our inventory has grown 20x’s since 1983! Gold has risen in price over 34 years, from $300 per ounce to $1200 per ounce. We have carefully cultivated top lines to carry in our store. Because we do the work, are very selective of the brands we choose to offer.

As we celebrate year 34, we continue to grow. We’ve recently invested in an engraver to add to the services we offer. We now have the ability to engrave rings, gifts, glassware, and much more.

In these 34 years, many things have changed, and a few remain the same. Our integrity and drive to serve our customers in the best way possible continues to be our focus. Cheers to another 34 years!