Behind the Blue Awning – Ring Sizing Done Right

What can you do when your ring doesn’t fit?

Whether it’s new or old, too big or too small, you want it sized correctly so that you can enjoy wearing it! Ideally, we determine the size you need, either add a piece, or remove a piece, of the shank (bottom) and make it the right size for your finger.

If your ring is too big, we need to make it smaller.

We can remove the amount of material you don’t need and solder/weld the ring back together.  You can then wear the ring safely.

Ring Sizing

You can get a ring guard, but there are several reasons this should be a temporary fix. It is a piece of thin metal (not gold, silver, or platinum). This piece of metal will rub and wear against your ring which can cause the ring to get thin over time.

If your ring is too small, we need to make it bigger.

We can solder/weld a comparable piece into the shank of your ring to make it the right size for your finger.

What about your knuckle? If that isn’t an issue for you, consider yourself fortunate. If your knuckle is much bigger than your finger, your ring needs to be sized to go over your knuckle; but once it gets past, if your finger is much smaller than the knuckle, your ring will be a spinner, and nobody wants that.

One solution is for us to install sizing beads, which are two small gold balls that are “melted” into a ball-shape, then laser-welded onto the inside of your shank.

Sizing Beads Installed in a band

Another solution is a product we sell called Cliq by Superfit. If this option is chosen, we will size the base of your finger with special sizers that are hinged to open. Cliq rings are manufactured with a hidden hinge that can be opened with a special tool to easily put the ring on or take it off. Cliq takes your knuckle out of the sizing equation.

Cliq by Superfit

No matter whether your ring is too big or too small, it is always best to bring it to professional jewelers who do their own work (we do!) so that together you can determine what the best strategy is for you. Our ring sizings start at $30.

Or, you could just stop wearing it and put it away in a box…