Buying Jewelry In Store vs. Online

Let’s face it, we are in 2017 and almost anything can be bought online, especially jewelry. Some people love being able to avoid going into stores and interact with people while they are looking for their next purchase, while others enjoy going to the store to shop in person. Ultimately the decision on how to buy your jewelry is yours; we would like to present to you a few things to consider about purchasing jewelry online.

The main reason to be cautious about buying your jewelry online is , depending on where you are buying from, you don’t always know if they are being honest about the piece. This is especially true with diamonds because if the merchant isn’t using the GIA Grading system you won’t know exactly what the diamond will look like, or if it is even a real diamond.

Of course, you still take that chance with a brick and mortar store, but when you can see the diamond in person, you can get a better feel for the purchase you are considering.  In fact, some online merchant sites never actually have the diamonds they are selling on their site; they are just supplying a marketplace for other sellers.

One of the other problems you could run into when shopping for diamonds online is not understanding what they are talking about when they use trade terms for grading. That is where buying at a physical store is better. Physical stores and the salespeople working there can help you better understand    what you are looking at because let’s face it, not everyone is going to know what an SI2 clarity diamond that is G in color is supposed to look like or what any of those words really mean.

Fortunately for you, everyone here at The Jewelry Shop can help explain and demonstrate the 4 C’s of Diamonds. We have a microscope with which we can show you all of the unique characteristics contained within the diamonds you are interested in.

“With guidance you can find a great diamond that you connect with. (Yes, ‘connect with.’ This is your new life. Just go with it, okay?)” (ThePlunge) The Jewelry Shop prides itself in guiding you to the diamond that best fits you. We also educating our customers in everything diamonds so that even if they do buy online they know what they are looking for and what someone is trying to sell them. We maintain a great selection and variety of diamonds so that we can show you differences in grades and prices so you get the diamond best for you.

When you shop for your jewelry at a jewelry store, you have the opportunity to build a relationship with the jewelers who will help you maintain your new piece of jewelry in top condition. For example, when we sell an engagement ring, we advise the buyer to have her come in to see us about 6 weeks after she begins wearing the ring. This is so that we can inspect it, ensure it is sized correctly for her, and answer any questions she may have. It’s unlikely an online merchant will advise you in the same manner. Depending on the nature of the transaction, you may not be able to get their help with sizing or repair. In which case, you’ll be coming to a jewelry store anyway. So, why not start the purchasing process in the store as well?

The decision to buy in store or online is obviously yours, but with something as important as jewelry, why trust a seller you haven’t met, to sell you a product you haven’t seen in person? Buying diamonds and other jewelry is a big deal. Shouldn’t you make sure you are getting a good one?