Collin and Rachel

Collin & I have been high school sweethearts since tenth grade. Over the course of our relationship, we have enjoyed making the best of memories traveling, spending time with our families, and simply watching each other grow up and mature. Upon graduation in 2015, Collin began pursuing his work as an audio engineer and I began attending college for a degree in Elementary Education. This winter, I was on college winter break, and Collin was scheduled to take a work trip to Kissimmee, FL again for three weeks. I decided to make it a tradition to visit him here over the New Year’s Holiday, so I came down for the second year in a row. On January 1st, we took a road trip to Clearwater Beach, FL. While standing out on the beach soaking in the beautiful view, Collin asked me to hold his new Samsung 360 camera that he received for Christmas. As I was looking at the camera, slightly confused from his request, he got down on one knee and opened my heart and eyes to the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.  We were both shaking and filled with the utmost excitement as I said YES!! He has by far given me the best start to a New Year and a new life with him!