Megan O.

It was Thursday evening on 3/16/17 and I was getting ready to leave work. Typically I finish around 7:00 pm but that day we were done around 6:30pm. As I’m finishing up and getting ready to change out of my scrubs my one coworker came flying back into the office through the back door and ran to the front of the office. We all had no idea why she came back into work and why she rushed up front. Worried about her we followed her up front. As I turned the corner there I saw Scott walking in….and I just knew what was coming! He never just pops into my work without bringing me something I’ve asked for and I hadn’t asked for anything that day. I walked through the waiting room door to meet him and he told me how much he loved, wanted to be with me, and asked me to spend forever with him! I was so surprised and never would have imagine Scott would have been able to pull that off. After a hug and kiss I grabbed the ring and placed it on my finger cause I was just soooo excited!