Top 5 Tips for Jewelry Care & Cleaning – Summer

Summer can be particularly hard on your fine jewelry. Check out these tips for keeping your jewelry in good shape during the summer months, and beyond.

Top 5 Tips for Jewelry Care & Cleaning – Summertime

  1. Don’t wear your jewelry in the pool. First of all, you are increasing your chance of losing your jewelry if you wear it in the pool, hot tub, creek, ocean, or lake. We especially don’t want you wearing it in chlorine or salt water because those elements can damage and discolor the metals and erode the polish and finish from gemstones.
  2. Remove your jewelry before applying sunscreen, sprays, and lotions. These products will make your jewelry appear dull and lifeless. We want you to always be bright and sparkly!
  3. When you remove your jewelry, wipe it off with a soft cloth, preferably a jewelry cleaning cloth, to remove sweat, bug sprays, lotions, etc. to keep it looking shiny. When you take a few moments to care for your jewelry when you take it off, it’s ready to go the next time you want to enjoy it again. 
  4. Store your jewelry in a fabric-lined jewelry box with compartments and dividers to avoid your pieces scratching each other. We often see customers bring their jewelry in to us in a pouch, all together; storing jewelry this way allows the pieces to rub against each other and potentially scratch.  
  5. Have your jewelry checked regularly by a professional. You should wear your jewelry and enjoy it! We would like to check and clean it for you to make sure nothing is loose, overly-worn, or broken. We are happy to do this service for you any time. A good rule of thumb is every six months, or whenever you have a concern, or a special occasion. Remember, we want you to look bright and sparkly! 

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