Remounts are among the numerous customization services we offer here at The Jewelry Shop. One of the most trusted jewelry repair shops in Greencastle, PA, The Jewelry Shop specializes in the remounting of engagement rings and old gemstones that hold tremendous value for their clients. If you have a precious keepsake you want to transform into a brand new and unique piece, don’t hesitate to take it to our Greencastle, PA shop for personalization, ring sizing, engraving, or jewelry repair remounting. Goldsmith experts and experienced jewelers will be waiting to provide you with exciting options to turn your old treasure into a brand-new masterpiece.

Jewelry remounting is an excellent customization option for those who want to transform old or damaged pieces into beautiful works of art. Remounting can be done for repair, updating, or design merging purposes. When time and wear has caught up with your favorite piece, it can become dull and worn, with some prongs and stones missing from broken pieces. Remounting is a good way to save your jewel from further damage and loss. Remounting is also great for updating dated styles to a more fashionable design. Another common reason why people choose to remount pieces is to merge several pieces of jewelry into one sentimental new piece, bringing together heirlooms and keepsakes into one, even more symbolic piece.

The Jewelry Shop is the best remounting and repair jewelry shop in Greencastle, PA and is conveniently located just minutes from Chambersburg and Shippensburg, PA and Hagerstown, MD. We offer a wide range of personalization options to bring your design ideas to life.